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We need help finding our payload! Place notes here.


Balloon Tracking


Here's our best prediction model based on the winds.. thanks xander!





I've attached filtered GPS data on the ascent and descent. Help!





KML file of balloon track waypoints:



I've merged our two tracking files to produce a more complete dataset for the flight profile.


Raw data:


Raw data with additional "seconds offset" column.


Neato 3d google earth kml file:




Balloon Search


Guess 1:


Ok, here are my results from calculations done last night on the data. I have two points to offer, both obtained from the same method using slightly different assumptions.



Search Point A: 47°40'24.24"N 119°45'57.60"W

Search Point B: 47°39'45.36"N 119°46'51.60"W


Google KML Ahab Search.kml



The first point, Search Point A, is the point which carries a somewhat greater confidence. For both points it is likely that the estimated rate of descent was exaggerated and thus it's probable that the balloon is further out than these points indicate, however likely in the same direciton (see the colored areas). It's less likely that the balloon landed closer to the point where the payload was cut than indicated. (note, there are no calculations behind the size and shape of the colored areas. They're just guestimates. Feel free to color outside the lines)


Guess 2:


*Update* so the original guess was a bust. Thanks to a crack team of math ninjas, we now have some new points to play with.

point A: 47.7157313, -119.8058445

point B: 47.7164263, -119.8002014

point C: 47.7166049, -119.7976196

point D: 47.72626377, -119.79456





AHAB Search2.kml


Covered areas:

This KML file shows the areas that we've searched, along with all of the candidate landing points:

Ahab Search.kml



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