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Critical supplies


This checklist contains everything needed at the launch site for the project.


  • If you can be responsible for an item, put your name and quantity (if applicable) under "Who's Bringing/Count".


  • Please add any new items and update details!


This list should be printed out, and we should check every item off while loading vehicles. (Beth)


 Project-related Power/Communication/Electronics [Yellow Case (1 of 2) + clear plastic bin with red lid (2 of2)]


Check Item Who's Bringing/Count Item Details


EricB: 2x 12v, 26Ah


JonM: 8x6v 10A


Car batteries, to power anything on the ground; not packed in cases
 PC WinTV PVR2 USB   See item page
 YC spare batteries   for flashlights, electronics, etc. Need C, AA
 YC Extension cords    currently 2 in box
 YC Power strips     currently three in box
  Ground GPS   for with JonM, one with 3ric
 PC USB<>serial dongle Bre for ground tracking station receiver package
  Large ground antenna at PNA FOUR pieces (taped together); not packed in cases
 PC Directional antenna at PNA FOUR pieces (ant + 2 cables+SWR); one cable + SWR meter packed in cases, one cable +ant not packed in cases
 PC external power source PNA  
 PC cables and connectors   JonM will see what we need
 YC ethernet cables 3ric; 2 one straight; 1 crossover
 PC blank DVDs/Cds    
  butane soldering iron   for on site repairs; not acquired
  windsock    not acquired; use colored tape in launch kit 2 of 2
 PC H1kari's EVDO kit    
 PC green insulating foam    

When complete, list vehicle transporting kit: Tony





Health/Safety/Survival...(clear plastic bin)


Check Item Who's Bringing/Count Item Details
  First Aid Kit Bre, Ella, aether  
  Fire extinguisher JonM Dry ABC
   trashbags  PNA  


  tp PNA um...
  plastic cups PNA  
  paper towels    

When complete, list vehicle transporting kit: JonM



Balloon Launch Kit (1 of 2: long cardboard box)


Check Item Who's Bringing/Count Item Details
  Tarp for balloon filling Ella (small silver) hold-down tarp to cover balloon during filling
  Sandbags AdamC For holding down tarp/balloon/payload
  ground cover tarp PNA (large silver) will use to set out items during launch prep
  stakes/tent pegs

3ric: 8 green, one plain

Beth: 5 plain in blue bag

Ella: 12 red

  counterweights for launch    
  spare carbon rod    
  2x6 lengths 2 of them runners/rests for helium tank; might be out of box

When complete, list vehicle transporting kit: JonM




Balloon Launch Kit (2 of 2: clear plastic case with red lid)


Check Item Who's Bringing/Count Item Details
  safety glasses PNA x5
  lens cleaners PNA  
  fill device for tank    
  regulator for helium tank    
  scale    2: fish scale and round scale
  hose mend kit and spare tubing   missing; had been brought by Rusty 
  cotton gloves 5 pair  MIA
  colored streamer tape    
  extra rigging    
  sewing kit   for rigging
  soldering kit   includes multimeter

When complete, list vehicle transporting kit: JonM




Ahab...(large pelican case)

Check Item


Who's Bringing


  Balloons (Two!)


launch crew


  parachute launch crew  
  payload container (see payload checklist) Ella  
  rigging (kite string and swivels) Bre/Ella  in launch kit 2 of 2
  helium tanks   two
  packing tape   for sealing payload


When complete, list vehicle transporting kit: Bre




Payload Checklist (transported in large pelican case)









Who's Bringing





  photographs (see Bre's googlegroups post) Bre  
  battery pack    
  secondary takedown device    
  "Harmless science experiment" signage; incl phone number    
  4 canon cameras    
  MoLoGoGo phone    
  Make controller/thermometers    
  1 CVS camera    





hazard tape






for streamer


  SD cards (one per camera) Bre  
  radar reflector Bre  


When complete, list vehicle transporting kit:






Miscellanous Tools...(plastic bin with gray lid)



Check Item Who's Bringing/Count Item Details
   tape PNA  duct, blue masking, double-sided
  epoxy PNA; 2 packages  90 sec and 5 min
  super glue PNA  
  paper plates PNA in case of epoxy deployent
  toothpicks PNA  
  latex gloves PNA  
  vinvyl gloves PNA  
  zipties PNA  
  rubbing alcohol PNA  
  ziploc bags PNA  
  screwgun& charger    
  glue gun    2
  2 IGos aether  
   USB mouse    

 When complete, list vehicle transporting kit: Bre




Flight toolbox...(yellow and black toolbox)


Check Item Who's Bringing/Count Item Details
  test equipment, test batteries 3ric 9V pack; missing CR123
  pliers PNA  
  MoLoGoGo dial pad (in ziploc bag) PNA  
  camera control pad (in ziploc bag) PNA  
  wrenches for helium bottle PNA 2 wrenches
  electrical tape PNA  
  markers/pen/paper Beth  
  screwdrivers PNA  
  radar gun PNA/3ric  
  hammer PNA  
  sledgehammer Adamc for Ella's tent pegs
  boxcutter PNA  
  exacto knives PNA  
  speedsaw and bit    bit in small clear plastic bag
  measuring tape PNA  
   2 multicard readers    one has a cable; Ella has a mini USB cable if we need it
  drill bits    
  extra wire    
  glo sticks    
  "harmless science experiment" labels    

 When complete, list vehicle transporting kit: JonM





Spare Payload Parts ...(pelican briefcase)


Check Item Who's Bringing/Count Item Details
  Extra tinytrack    
  Extra CVS camera    
  2 2GB SD cards, 1 1GB SD card    
  Extra MoLoGoGo phone with charger  (two)  
  Spare payload batteries


2 CRV3

1 3V123 Duracell

  spare rigging kit aether  
  extra mylar    
  spare flight antenna    

When complete, list vehicle transporting kit: JonM





Specific Individual/Vehicle Power/Communication/Electronics


Check Item Who's Bringing Item Details
  Primary Tracking Station 3ric Public Tube
  Secondary Tracking Station Bre Bre's laptop
  MacTracker station JonM JonM's laptop
  Ham radios Anyone who has one Add your name and call sign to the call sign page

JonM: 1x300W

3ric: maybe 2


To power AC devices. Note which cars have one.
  video cameras Bre (2) Bre will pack
  handheld radios 3ric (3)  


Transportation-Related (Each car should have chains at minimum)


Check Item Who's Bringing/Count Item Details
  Jumper Cables


JonM: 1


TimL: 1


Ella: 1


  Tow Cables - optional if someone has AAA    
  Chains Ella: 1 each car should have a set
  sand or de-icer AdamC  
  air compressor Ella  

**When complete, list vehicle transporting *specific items in list*:





Ground Station Misc Supplies


Check Item Who's Bringing/Count Item Details
  folding tables Ideally 3, at least 2 8'x30" folding table  JonM (1)  + Beth (1)
  camping chairs JonM: 4, 3ricj: 4; Beth: 2  
  Easy-up canopy ???anyone For shelter at base station
  Trained monkeys Bre/3ric recovery device
  tripod PNA "looks like a useful device"

When complete, list vehicle transporting kit:****





half sheet of pink foam: Tony

hand truck: Tony

Cooler: Tony

small piece of plywood for mud protection while unloading helium tank: Not brought

omni antenna: Tony

Directional antenna: JonM



Supplies for each participant



Everyone should bring (for themselves, and extra if possible):



Check Item Item Details

Cold weather clothing, incl:

waterproof boots

extra socks (smartwool!)

gloves, pref waterproof


long underwear if your legs get cold

layers (daytime temps to 50)

change of clothes

launch site will be below freezing
  Cell phone  
  Road and terrain maps  
  Walkie-talkies (FRS/GMRS) If you have one
  Binoculars If you have some




  First Aid Kit if you gots
  10 essentials!!! http://www.backpacking.net/ten-essl.html  
  orange vest  


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