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Lessons from Tethered Test

Page history last edited by PBworks 16 years, 11 months ago

Lessons learned from the tethered test


How long did things take?



1:25--> arrived at site for tethered test

1:51--> still checking payload

3:03--> payload attached to balloon


Time to fill balloon was 28 minutes from Rusty turning valve to disconnecting water bottle



What should we change on the payload?


  1. Have an external start for the video camera so it can be turned on right before launch
  2. Turn on the payload radio earlier so we can check if it is broadcasting
  3. Consider a red balloon (99 of them!)
  4. Payload weighed in at 3lb. 4.1 oz --> we might have room for a little more weight
  5. Consider a second video camera pointed up. Can we time it for the cutdown?
  6. Can we hack the CVS camera so it will take a larger memory stick?
  7. We need more room in the payload to facilitate wiring (and just for more room)
  8. If it's cold outside, do an equipment check of payload in the car (cold fingers! or wear a pair of latex gloves. they give you a moderate amount of protection from the cold and are less obstructive than regular gloves.)
  9. Better payload harness (to eliminate: kite string cutting into foam, what other issues came up with the payload material?)
  10. It should take 30 seconds to open the payload if we need to modify something. And another 30 seconds to close.



What other things did we learn?

  1. If it's really cold, rent a camper for a day
  2. If it's really cold, bring propane and space heater
  3. We need a pre-onsite checklist (which will include weighing the payload)
  4. Make the wiring not suck
  5. Balloon weight was measured at 2 lb. 11.1 oz
  6. Bring a printout of wiki pages onsite! Put in documentation binder.
  7. Triple-check all harness knots
  8. Need strain relief on the wiring
  9. This is way fun
  10. We need another folding table or two


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