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Page history last edited by PBworks 17 years, 3 months ago

Status Lights

 The 4 leds will start off not lit.

  They count down 1/4 of the cameraInterval each When they go blank the cameras flash.


 Debug Mode  Led 0,Led 3

 Network Ready =Led 0, Led 2, Led 3

 Write Error In Debug Mode = Led2, Led 3





DigitalLineOut 0 = Camera0

DigitalLineOut 1 = Camera1

DigitalLineOut 2 = Camera2

DigitalLineOut 3 = Camera3



- Current interval one pic per 7 seconds for 2 hours flight this will be ~1000 pics



Primary Cut Down


DigitalLineOut 4

~515 pictures into flight or ~1 hour the DigitalOutLine 4 goes LOW for 6 camera cycles or 42 seconds.








voltage = 3.3 * ( a / 1023.0 )

Temp from voltage needs to be figured out from the reference points we took.


Startup Mode

Jump a 5V power pin and AnalogIn 3 for 1 second.


Shutdown Mode

Jump a 5V power pin and AnalogIn 3 for ~10 seconds


Debugging Mode

Jump a 5V power pin to AnalogIn 4



Network Address

Network Mask

Port                       2112



$ nc 2112



Tests the Eeprom by writing all A's to it.



$ nc 2112



Dumps the Eeprom over the socket.


$ nc 2112



Reset the Eeprom to all 0's


Reprogram mode (DOES NOT WORK YET)

$ nc 2112


a = cameraInterval

b = cameraShutterInterval

c =  cutDownCount   ( cameraInterval * cutDownCount  = totalBurnTime)


Networking Issues


The networking stack has some bug in it I've been trying to chase down for two days where after you close a server socket it won't let you reopen it.

To issue more than one debug command prejump the board and issue the next command.




Eeprom Issues


The Eeprom will only read/write 1 byte at a time so I wrote some wrapper functions to write and dump the prom.

The addressing code shipped with the Make controller has a bug. Edit eeprom.c and replace all






c[ 1 ] = (unsigned char)((address >> 8) & 0xFF );


Floating Point ?


Floating point isn't working in Thumb mode, I tried doing a stripped compile in ARM mode but that didn't work either. 

Compiling everything in arm mode makes the code too large to fit on the make controllers flash. I don't have time to sort YAAB out.

 (percentage of 3.3v) = ( 100*  a) / 1023


 330 * (percentage of 3.3v)  = storeable value in eeprom

(storeable value in eeprom) / 1000 = analog in voltage to 4 points of percision. We can calculate the temps post "recovery"


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