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Shopping List

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To Buy


  • hand warmers (costco)
  • cotton gloves for balloon handling during filling/launch (costume and display)
  • thin foam for radar reflector(do we still need this? YES homedepot)
  • swivels for tether and rigging qty-4-5 (kite shop)
  • card table http://seattle.craigslist.org/see/fur/282125041.html
  • purchase extra GPS (bre) (I *think* we're good here -- Ella)
  • large containers drinking water
  • snacks & caffeine--bulk nuts, trail mix, muffins, jerkey?



Bring sd card readers. (move to stuff to bring)



Already ordered




  • Buzzer (3ricj)
  • thermistor (3ricj)


  • helium tank, size T, about 175lbs (3ricj)
  • fish scale (bre)
  • Balloon (bre)
  • parachute (bre)
  • PVC parts for balloon filling (AEther)
  • thick pink foam for payload (John Blunt)
  • space blankets (aluminized mylar)
  • CVS camera in NYC (bre)
  • 4 1/4-20 screws what length?
  • ground cover--cheap plastic tarp--for balloon layout before/during inflation(PNA)
  • grommeted tarp for holding balloon while filling if windy (beth)
  • beer cooler (3ricj has a 72 can beer cooler.. will that work? or should we get something make from styrofoam?)
  • battery holder


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