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UI-View32 @ http://www.ui-view.org

BalloonTrack @ http://www.eoss.org/wbaltrak/

- Configuration file: wbaltrak.ini

- Weather data: OTX_07_03_03_1130.dat



Photo-stitching panorama software:

*Autostitch @ http://www.cs.ubc.ca/~mbrown/autostitch/autostitch.html

Free and seems to work pretty well, but no real adjustment.  Works very well for fisheye images with lots of images (like 50).


*Double-Take - $17 on OSX @ http://echoone.com/doubletake/

    Very fast and easy, fine for our four image stitch job but on very large fisheye jobs not as good.


*Flexify @ http://www.flamingpear.com/flexify.html


This one looks amazing, but requires photoshop.


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