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Tasks and Todo

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Tasks & TODO


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Launch 2

  • To Do
  • What I've added that I know needs to get done is:
  • Reactivate third MoLoGoGo phone (YourNameHere)
  • Wiring cable (3ric)
  • Payload container hollowing (Ella)
  • AVR stuff to replace the Make: Controller (Adam and JonM)
  • Wiki cleanup (Æther)
  • Costco Shopping - Friday afternoon. (Kayobi)
  • Launch site selection (Æther)
  • Lodging reservation (Bre)
  • redo solder on cameras and pretty much everywhere. (3ricj)
  • Install either AVR or make controller. (JonM, what's the status of


    update the charge on the mologogo phones

    Solder up the final payload parts (almost done)

    Test the cameras, trackers, andwhatnot.

    Get the payload considered to be 'done'.

    Get public tube reading APRS packets again, and logging them.

    Get ballon track to read APRS logs for updated landing predictions

    Charge up batteries on radios/mologogo (NO frs this time; one ham per


    Review equipment checklists, check for everything in boxes, update


    Create food shopping list. (Kayobi)

    Find EricB.  Confirm that DKP and h1kari are MIA for this weekend.

    (update: DKP is a maybe)

    Work out transportation issues with Tony's truck & two tanks of He.

    Need more strapping, I think.

    Find Beth's notes on lessons learned from last time; follow guidance.

    Activate additional mologogo phone, load warez

    Print out driving directions and numbas (phone, freqs, etc) again

    Identify location half way to our cabin for dinner; provide directions

    to folks

    Document knots used to connect things on the flight lines

    Clean out shop cooler for bringing food stuffs with us.

  • Avionics
    • New and improved secondary cut-down device (JonM)
    • Replace Make controller with AVRs (AdamC / JonM)
  • Mechanical
  • Operations
  • Ground Equipment
  • Testing
    • Thermal testing of payload electronics (TimL)
    • Thermal testing of secondary cut-down device (TimL)
    • APRS recovery "foxhunt"
  • Logistics


Launch 1 - Tethered launch

  • To Do before thermal testing
    • finish make controller programming
    • set up a pic as backup
    • finish kitty (jonm)
    • Payload harness (aether/ella)
    • get batteries from dhl (bre)
    • 4th camera set options, rip apart, add wire (bre)
    • cables for power.
    • 4.2v power regulato
    • mologogo update (TimL)
    • Build cables for onboard thermal reading (3ricj)
  • To Do
    • Order balloon
    • Select Parachute
    • Apply for airgas account
    • Look for a temperature measurement module... serial data
    • Cabin rental for night before (anyone can find and bre will make res.)
    • Create and disseminate map to launch site (your name here)
    • Update Balloontrack with our new launch site location (your name here)
    • make radar reflector (Æther)
    • instal tracker radio in Jon's car (your name here)
    • set up a pic as backup (your name here)
    • get and label real project boxes (your name here)
    • print equipment list and contact list (your name here)
    • weather checks (Kayobi)
    • install everything on bre's laptop as backup (your name here)
    • second mologogo install (TimL)


  • Avionics
    • Figure out how to power the cameras (Beth, 3ric)
    • Program Make controller : (Adam)
    • -Build ballon filler system using PVC pipe -(Æther)
    • Battery/watt caculations (3ricj)
    • Design & build 2ndary remote cutdown device. (JonM)
    • Build 2 meter antenna (myles?)
    • Get mologogo working, activate stupid cellphone by calling them before 8pm & turning it on.
    • Build cables for onboard thermal reading (3ricj)
    • get microcontroller to control the camera trigger. : (Adam)
    • Create process for thermal testing (dry ice, temp probe)
  • Mechanical
    • Finish Enclosure (Ella)
      • Finish hollowing top shell
      • Component layout and blocking
      • Final check of camera mounts
      • Wire routing
      • Antenna embedding
      • Fin/streamer attachment
      • Exterior final shaping
      • Mylar attachment/envelope
      • Camera lens hole covers
      • Sealing tape
      • Suspension harness (Æther/Ella)
    • Rigging for payload and parachute (Æther/Ella)
    • Build balloon-fill anchors (Æther)
    • Process for tying balloon (Æther/Ella)
    • Enclosure thermal testing (TimL)
  • Operations
    • Create pre-flight checklist (Beth)
    • Create day of flight equipment list (Beth)
    • Get FAA clearance (3ricj)
    • Using ballon track, create flightplan (dkp)
    • Notify ATC with flight plan, payload, etc. (Kayobi) See FAAInfo
  • Ground equipment todo:
    • Get APRS reader working; scanner + antenna + modem + software + public tube laptop See APRS INFO 1 (JonM)
    • Get balloon track software working, create flight plan. see EquipmentChecklist (dkp)
      • Get overall flight time
    • Check the weather patterns (Kayobi)
    • find a place to launch
    • coordinate tracking vehicles.
    • Get a google earth KML link which reads APRS data real time, so ppl can watch the balloon float around from the internet. see AprsGoogleEarth(Wes)
  • Testing
    • Ham APRS dropdown test (bre)
    • test plan for battery runtime (YOUR NAME)
      • excute test plan


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