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Please add yourself to this list if you are planning to drive. If you are a crazy driver willing to do potentially horrible things to your car, say Yes under Crazy. We will need people to do off-road recon once the balloon lands.


I would like every vehicle to have:

  • A ham radio
  • GPS, laptop, mapping software
  • First-aid kit
  • Drinking Water


Name Vehicle Type # of available seats 4x4? Crazy? Cargo Space? CB? FRS? HAM?
JonM Nissan XTerra 0 (unless we have another high-cargo vehicle) Yes Moderately Yes, trunk and roof rack Yes Yes Yes
Ella Golf 1-2 (Need someone with a ham ticket) N N Trunk N N Yes
Kayobi & Xander Neon 2 (unless we fold down the back seat for space) N N Trunk N Yes N
 Aether  tony's big ass truck  2 (tony is ham cert. need one other) meh   yes  truck bed  ? ?
Bre/Beth Honda/Acura 3 if Bre; 2 if Beth N ? trunk/hatchback    


geekxx Ford Expedition 7 w/ backseat, 4 w/o, or 2 w LOTS of cargo space. Y Certifiable Tons. Cargo area plus large roof cargo box. N Y Y



If you need a ride, please add yourself to this list. When you figure out who you are riding with, add the driver's name from the table above to the "Riding With" column below, and decrement the coorisponding "# of available seats" value above.



Name CB? FRS? HAM? Riding With
3ricj N N Yes Kayobi/Xander
Adam N Y Yes  JonM
Beth N N Yes with Bre if not driving
Bre n n Yes with Beth if not driving



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